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    Perl Pre-conference tutorial: Intro to Perl 6

    Ian Stuart / August 15, 2018
  • Perl conference, 14th-17th August, Glasgow.

    Perl 5 & Perl 6 are essentially the same language. Yes, there are some differences (using `.` rather than `->` for object references for example, however 95% of what your "perl-head" will still be valid)

    A lot of the `Moose` stuff from perl 5 is actually Perl 6 concepts & constructs back-ported...

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    Fully Stacked

    Ian Stuart / August 10, 2018
  • When I started in this game, and I freely admit that was last century, "Full Stack" meant web servers and LAMP, and LAMP stood for Linux, Apache, Mysql, and PHP (or maybe Python).

    Now, to be fair, that misses CSS... but the point is still that "Full Stack" was pretty simple.

    Don't get me wrong - this "full stack" is still around & valid: your Joomla comemrce-site and your Wordpress Blogg, with their fancy front-ends & bespoke plugins is still essentially LAMP.

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    Understanding Python decorators - with the help of a code visualiser!

    Ian Stuart / July 30, 2018
  • Python has this funky thing called "decorators" - you can think of them as inverting the "function inside a function" concept, by wrapping a function around a function.


    Me too!

    Let me see if I can explain it (after all, there's only a million other people got pages explaing this :) )

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    EuroPython2018 conference: 23-27 July

    Ian Stuart / July 30, 2018
  • Monday

    Bert was me on Monday


    In the morning, I went to the "Writing & Running Tests in Docker" talk

    This suffered from the all-too-common "techno-incompatibility problem": the presenters laptop wouldn't connect to the lecterns projector system (and then other laptops wouldn't display either.) After a bit of faff [find the right adapter, and reboot the lectern electonincs], we were off.