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    About the Organisation and Repository Identification(ORI)

    Ian Stuart / April 1, 2015
  • The ORI service provides a standalone middleware tool for identifying academic organisations and their institutional repositories. The service is provided by EDINA who run it as a micro-service.

    ORI provides an API to provide access to information on circa 25,000 academic organisations, some 14,000 networks that map to those organisations, and the 3,000 repositories that also relate to those organisations.

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    The joys of precedence (in Perl)

    Ian Stuart / March 31, 2015
  • Precidence in Perl can catch you out.... it caught me out!

    I have a script which emails some results to a subscriber on a daily basis. If there are no results, then it doesn't email the user - you only get an email if there's something to see, in other words.
    As a reminder, the script will email a subscription-reminder to the user on the 1st of the month..... but only if they haven't been sent a results email that day.

    The code went something like this: