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    Pip install from git in Docker

    Ian Stuart / March 27, 2019
  • Following on from my article about pip installing development code, I thought I'd also share the various ways of installing from a get server.

    Installing from a GitLab commit-point

    • You may need to have a deploy token, or username & password for the repo
    • You need to have set up the setup code in the repo being installed

    In the Dockerfile, install from the commit SHA code:

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    Adding a text-string as a file to a gzip'd file

    Ian Stuart / March 27, 2019
  • I had reason to add a timestamp file to an archive - a nice simple file, with the time of creating as a single line, so nothing complicated..... but this is python, and there are more solutions out there than I've had hot dinners (well, maybe not - but certainly more than I've had Vindaloo curries.)

    None of them worked for me.

    I don't think that my archive was an in-memory "file"

    This does:

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    The awesomeness that is `git bisect`

    Ian Stuart / December 17, 2018
  • So you've been working away on some code, and it works great. You then rebase on master, and it breaks.

    aarrgghhhh!!!! Steam-from-the-ears!!! pulling-of-hair!!!

    Until now, I'd either be checkoing out one branch at a time & testing, or doing some kind of cherry-picking into a new branch - either way, it's a pain keeping track of what's working & what's not.