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    The joys of precedence (in Perl)

    Ian Stuart / March 31, 2015

    Precidence in Perl can catch you out.... it caught me out!

    I have a script which emails some results to a subscriber on a daily basis. If there are no results, then it doesn't email the user - you only get an email if there's something to see, in other words.
    As a reminder, the script will email a subscription-reminder to the user on the 1st of the month..... but only if they haven't been sent a results email that day.

    The code went something like this:

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    Content Analysis with Python: 1

    Dave Elsmore / March 20, 2015

    Keywords in Context

    Very often we want to see a keyword in context (KWIC), e.g. the word and a number of  words on either side.

    The following text is taken from the EDINA Community Report 2014.

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    Custom Gradle Plugin

    Mark Small / March 20, 2015

    This post details my experience building a Custom Gradle Plugin.  While there are many resources on creating Gradle scripts, there are far fewer on custom plugins.  The first question is why the need for a custom plugin?  While build scripts are a good start and they can be re-usable, there is no ability to test script(s) other than trial and error, this flies in the face of quality control.

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